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When you want to seal out rust and protect the aluminum underneath, call our powder coating experts at ACR Powder Coating and Wheel Repair.

Powder coating is a process that applies a protective and decorative finish to a variety of materials. The powder used is made of finely ground pigment and resin. After the mixture is sprayed on the surface of the item, the powder is heated, causing the charged particles to adhere to the electrically grounded surface. This melts the powder and creates a smooth and durable finish.

ACR Powder Coating and Wheel Repair around Jackson, NJ, can powder coat your rims and keep your wheels looking brand new!

To put a durable and decorative finish on any metal material, call ACR Powder Coating and Wheel Repair near Jackson, NJ, at (609) 758-0200. We'll give you durable parts for any item you have.

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